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Hello everyone, my name is Aleksei, but people call me Alex. I am 37.
I came to the US in 2010 from Belarus, which is a small country in Central Europe.
I have always admired photography. Being a little boy, I was lured by this medium feeling its great power in stopping time I even attended photography courses where we were learning the basics of an operating film camera and developing photographs in a dark room.
The time flew by I became an adult and it seemed that my dream remained in the past with that 10-year-old boy. The career path I’ve chosen was in the field of electrical engendering. My parents were convinced that a man should have a career in the technical field in order to be successful and financially independent. I successfully graduated with a degree in engineering; however, I felt that something was missing and kept looking for something where I could express myself.
I came back to school and later received MA in pop industry management, worked as a tour organizer and director for different Eastern European singers.
All that years I never forgot about my dream carrying with me an old film camera Practika, it was a birthday present to my father from his father, and now it was my escape and going back to that 10-year kid who wanted to freeze time. I was taking more and more pictures and one day I decided to make photography my fulltime job.
For the last 10 years, I am working as a photographer. I shoot weddings mostly, however, I collaborated with such magazines as Vogue Brazil, Spirit and Flesh, designer brands such as ROKOTOFF, famous people such as Miss Universe 2013, Director in chief of the Miss Universe Competition, President Donald Trump, chief director of the Winter Olympics in 2014 and etc.
For me, weddings are the most exciting and vital type of photography among many other genres of this kind. In my opinion when 2 people who are complete strangers to me, yet giving their trust and enormous credit to capture one of the greatest milestones in their lives. What can be more exciting and magical rather than knowing the fact of a complete trust in your talent and ability to capture moments, freeze that fraction of a second, a kiss, a gentle gaze, the reveal and etc? I feel a great responsibility, the moments I stop in time will take my clients back to that happy moments. These days technology allows to take a nearly unlimited number of images and my goal is to give 110% percent to capture every possible detail I try catching every moment that will allow my clients to go back in time and relive it over and over again.
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