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While planning your wedding day timeline, there are some essential aspects and details that have to be evaluated and taken into consideration. We would gladly provide you with some guidance on how to plan your day so it runs smoothly, and all portions of the day are documented in the most efficient way.




Wedding Details










Time Allotment - 20-30 minutes

Bridal details are an essential part of each wedding as you have put so much time, money and effort coordinating them all, pouring your personality into each piece. We want to make sure that those details are being documented in the most creative and unique way which will highlight all the key features. Ideally, it is great to have someone in charge to put all your wedding details and accessories together in one spot before the photographer arrives, so no time is wasted searching.




Bride Preparation











Time allotment - 60 minutes

One of our favorite parts of the wedding to capture is the getting ready portion. The best time to start the preparation coverage is when the bride already has some part of her make up or hair done. The last 15-20 minutes are the ideal time frame to photograph the make-up artist applying the final touches. 

During this part of the day you will also want to have some casual photographs of you with your bridesmaids in custom robes, drinking champagne or just having good time together. These are usually being taken when everyone is ready with make-up and hair complete. 

After that, we photograph the bride getting into the dress and her mom, sister or one of the bridesmaids helping her. It is always a good idea to find a nice window or another source of natural light for these photographs and to have all the dressing area clean and uncluttered. 




Groom's Preparation
























Time allotment - 30 minutes

The groomsmen typically get ready within a much shorter period of time than the girls. However, the groom’s details like cufflinks, shoes, bow ties, and boutonnieres shouldn’t be neglected as they are a part of your story as well. This is also a great time to photograph the relaxed morning atmosphere of wedding day anticipation, some memorable photos of interactions between family and friends. 





Portraits of the Bride











Time Allotment - 20-30 minutes

One of our favorite moments of getting ready is photographing the bride alone once she is already in her wedding gown and ready to leave for the ceremony or the first look. These close-up photos are intended to highlight the bride’s facial features, especially her eyes and lips. This is also a good time to photograph all the small delicate details of the wedding dress and veil. The bridal jewelry and all the accessories also look more meaningful when photographed on the bride.






First Look













Time Allotment - 45-60 minutes

The time allotted for the First Look is usually 45-60 minutes. Even though the actual first look itself lasts for 3-5 minutes, it takes some additional time to coordinate it and set the bride and groom in the right positions. We usually photograph the portraits of the bride and groom together right after the first look as well, which takes the rest of the allotted time.





Bridal Party 











Time Allotment - 40-60 minutes

The Bridal Party photos usually take up to 40-60 minutes to document. This timeframe allows capturing a variety of different group combinations, both classic and more candid ones. We always make sure to ask you about any specific groupings or photo ideas you would like to have within your bridal party. After the entire group photos are done, we move forward with photographing girls and guys separately. These photos include group photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as individual portraits of the bride with each of the bridesmaids and the groom with each of the groomsmen.



Couple's Session



Time Allotment - 45-60 minutes

As it was mentioned above, the portraits of the bride and groom together usually take place right after the first look or after the ceremony. They typically last for about 40 minutes up to an hour. This time allotment also depends on how many different locations you would like to go to for your portraits and if there will be any travel involved. Please note that if you would like to have some golden hour sunset photographs, the best time for that would be 1-2 hours before sunset.



Family Formals

Time Allotment - 30-40 minuts

The best time to photograph family formals is right after the ceremony, before people leave for the reception. It is very beneficial time wise for several reasons. First, your family members are already there and no time will be wasted to gather everyone. Second, it makes for great memories taking those family formals at the place where you officially became Mr.  & Mrs. The family formals usually take 30-40 minutes. Please allot approximately 3-5 minutes for each grouping. It is always a good idea to have someone in charge to coordinate the family formals who is familiar with all the family members and can call out people’s names and organize everyone.


Reception Decor


Time Allotment - 15-20 minutes

The photographs of the reception room details and decor are usually taken during the cocktail hour and require 15-20 minutes. This is the only time when we can photograph all the beauty of your reception room before the guests arrive and take their seats.



Night Time Portraits




Time Allotment - 20 minutes

During your reception, it is great to plan 15-20 minutes to sneak out for some additional night time photographs of just the two of you together. Your venue might be featuring some beautiful up lighting outdoors or might have some breathtaking views of the night city skyline etc. The ideal time for these photos is when you already had a chance to grab a bite to eat or sometime during the open dance floor.

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